Ed Sheeran. Taylor Swift. 15 years old, it's my sophomore year! Hockey girl! Go Devils♥
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having original characters is incredible because you make up these people and give them lives and motivation and personalities and then you can smash them together in romances or kill them and no one can stop you, fucking nobody

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clicking your pen until you irritate someone to the brink of insanity but having to click it one more time so the nib isn’t out

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I remember when I was a fetus I used to sneak out at night while my mother was sleeping

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This rlly popular guy in my year was asking for nudes so I put my knees in a bra and snapchatted it to him so now he keeps sending me videos of him jerking off and I’m conflicted over whether or not I should tell him he just masturbated to my knees

my favourite thing about this is the fact that thousands of people have seen this post, reblogged it, thousands of people know he jerked it to knees yet he still has no fucking clue 

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finding free wifi is the best thing ever

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i don’t get how the hobbit didn’t get visual effects.

like gravity, congratulations, you put a guy in space.

the hobbit turned an otter into a dragon.

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